Butler Preservation L.C. is a Charleston, S.C. based company specializing in historic preservation consulting, historic property and general historical research, genealogy and biographical research, and small restoration/renovation projects.  We strive to help our clients understand, appreciate, and care for their historic buildings, and to enjoy their newer properties to the fullest through renovation.  We enjoy assisting our clients with historic research of all kinds, from city houses, to rural farmsteads, family history, and local cultural resources.   


Butler Preservation is unique in that the owner and lead consultant, Christina Butler, has a professional background in historic preservation, as well as construction and carpentry- thus melding two disciplines and incorporating material knowledge and repair protocols into historical research.  One of our specialties is building pathology and evolution, including alterations over time and dating features of historic buildings.


Owner/consultant Christina Butler has a professional background in historic preservation and history, as well as over sixteen years of experience in new construction, restoration, and renovation work.  She holds a B.A. in historic preservation and an M.A. in American History.

Butler completed a two-year construction technology trade program in 2002, and worked as a builders assistant for Millersburg Custom Homes in northeast Ohio.  She completed an internship with H.A. Dollason restoration in Charleston, SC during her undergraduate years.  Butler is a licensed specialty residential contractor in the state of South Carolina with experience in bathroom and kitchen renovation, rebuilding historic windows, installing and refinishing floors, repairing plaster and drywall, and general and finish carpentry.

Christina is a full professor at the American College of the Building Arts, where she teaches courses in historic preservation and architectural history.  She is also an adjunct professor for the College of Charleston's historic preservation department.  Her courses at C of C include Building Pathology, Preservation Project Planning, Researching Historic Properties, Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture, and Introduction to Historic Preservation.  Butler lectures at other venues on various aspects of architectural and local history.  Her areas of interest include urban history, cultural landscapes, history of public works and technology, and historic building materials and methodology.  She also works as a contract researcher for a cultural resource management firm, researching and writing land use histories, and has experience writing National Register nominations and applications for local property designations.

Butler meets the Secretary of Interior qualification standards for the roles of Historian, Historic Preservationist, and Architectural Historian.

Please also visit our blog site,  www.follynot.org, to see photographs and details about Butler Preservation's largest project -

a custom newly constructed house in Charleston's historic district that is the base of operation for Butler Preservation.